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Emotional scars – are more dangerous and painful than the physical wounds. just because we can’t see them, we tend to neglect them…and then adjust with those aches and move on. But they keep poking and dig deeper into your subconscious plane and effect your present.

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These deep burried mental and emotional crisis are the real virus which keeps you disturbed, and unwell.

To move on and live in present and prepare for future – we must get rid of the past first. we can’t speed up in life with the extra baggage of the past.

Just because it does not show in our action and discussion, doesn’t mean its erased from our minds. We need to reconcile –understand, evaluate, analyse and accept and keep the learning and experiences of our life in our minds. When we start avoiding or ignoring bad and good incidents by not reacting to it, not showing any response to it through – humility, anger, praise, tears, smile, …

Whatever the incident is there’s a negative or positive reaction & emotion attached to it. if we fail to express it, it becomes like a small unattended wound – as the time passes by, we forget them. and from the conscious mind …it becomes the property of our subconscious mind!

The subconscious mind which is the nervous system of our psychology – starts reflecting these wounds in our personality & behaviour in form of – crisis, inferiority complex , insecurity , cowardness, disordered personality , depression , uneasiness , migraine , and many more such psychological expressions which we fail to deal with.

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