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Understanding Wellbeing

Being physically fit or mentally strong or doing certain sporty things do not define wellbeing. A state of your conscience that is light clear & intuitive; ability of your mind to live, feel express each rasa that is programmed in you and master each by bringing balance, being guided by the conscience; and a healthy body that facilitates this experience – is a state of wellbeing…



Aacharya holistic program

This program is an individual experience that facilitates
you with a personalized health, wellbeing & lifestyle plan. The process begins with developing a sense of self awareness and extensive analysis of your physical, mental, emotional & medical background. Based on the outcome of in-depth research, therapies are designed for you to balance the elements inside you, retune your
frequency & vibrations, and to clear up and lighten your conscience. Upon completing this program, you will be handed over a day-to-day guide in terms of food, yoga, meditation, exercise and a lifestyle book customized to put you in a routine best suited for you.

Aacharya workshop

This is a group workshop designed for corporates,
Government bodies & institutions. It is packed with wellness therapies & team bonding activities crafted by Acharya. When you develop an awareness of your being– you become proficient in striking a balance between your personal & professional life! You don’t need any external motivation, counselling or handheld guidance – you are capable of dealing all on your own. Once you are sorted with your essential
health – the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing – you can be totally focused to work on the goals of your life.

Happy To Help

Are you exhausted of accommodating to trends and shortcuts while finding the right solutions for your mind, body & Conscience Are you ready to discover your unique mantra for happiness & wellbeing to facilitate an incredible life! Are you ready to dive deep into knowing & accepting yourself to live a life that defines who you are !

Is there anything related to physical, mental & spiritual health that keeps you worried about yourself or your loved ones ?
feel free to write to me now at [email protected]

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