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Conscience – Your Moral Compass

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The conscience is a person’s moral sense of right and wrong, which acts as a guide to one’s behaviour.

It is the canvas of your emotional & psychological behaviour. The neater it , the clearer will be your inner vision and connect with your psychology!

The conscience keeps all the records of our conscious and subconscious behaviours , thoughts & actions.

If your body is a temple , your conscience is the God ! God interacts with us through our conscience , if your conscience is cler… you can hear it speak clearly . those are the people of subatance , decision & power!

A clear conscience helps you to connect to your inner powers & treasures, through its intuitive language,to guide you through moments of criciss and difficult situations!

As long as we know right from wrong and have an active aware conscience, we will follow a moral compass. Without basic rules surrounding morality, there will always be chaos in our homes and in our lives.

If you act according to your moral compass – initially you may not find it practical, quick or easy, but trust me , it will not make you regret of the decisions outcome. It will always keep you mentally , [[sychologically & emotionally – safe & healthy.

be it lack of courage , guilt, fear , greed – This is exactly when we lie and pretend to ourselves- the self-stops talking to you – yes you know it well! that’s your conscience which gets buried deep beneath our own fake pretentious behaviour.

We get entangled, alone , depressed and feel helpless to tackle our situations.

We cant ;look into our selves ..and hear the inner voice – our conscience – that guide us!

You may not know your own limits , your possibilities & talents and imagine you can perform much better – for a happier life which can be further explored .

You may be in some kind of sadness or depression which you may not realise and need a safe evaluation.

you may be in a situation you are just avoiding – can be faced !

or you may be in a situation that has made you mentally and emotionally wounded , which needs nursing & healing .

For all such if’s , may-may not be’s , I wish I haven’t or I could’s

…. I’m there to explore it together !
Feel free to write me now .
Wish you Contentment & conscientious living!

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