To kick start this process, I offer a Complimentary first consultation through email/phone/zoom to get an overview, understand your situation and explain the scopes.

SO if there is anything related to physical, mental & spiritual health that keeps you worried
about yourself or your loved ones ? feel free to write to me now at

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When you apply for your first complimentary consultation, we take the 15-minute call to get a synopsis of your situation and your expectations from us. Then, we discuss your circumstances to determine whether the resolution is within our scope or not.

As you register with us, we evaluate your health and wellness parameters, lifestyle disease (if any) and medical conditions etc. A 90-minute exchange will help us create a case file with particulars on your medical history, analysis of your current physical and emotional health, and our understanding of your lifestyle, routines and challenges – both professional and personal.

Based on the discussion, you receive a list of pathological tests to be conducted. Aparna, along with a team of Medical experts, will study these reports, including your family physician (– in case of any pre-existing condition) for accuracy, more profound clarity, and detailed insights. Finally, the findings are documented and
structured to strategize a comprehensive, wholesome therapy that works just for you.

Once the study and documentation are over – your profile is updated, which helps us understand your unique well-being needs and priorities. Based on this in-depth analysis, we curate the holistic program for you. However, you can pick any of the individual programs based on your focus and preference.

To initiate the process, we use medical science and advanced pathology to get a clear, measured picture of your current circumstances. However, we do not use any medical procedure or prescribe any medicine – we attend to all physical, mental, emotional, fitness and lifestyle needs through our well-being therapies.

Existing clients

If you are an existing client with a case ID you can book your appointment online. Please fill
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